Testing enterprise mobile application



Client workforce needs to be in front of their clients and business partners. Leveraging mobile technology to help them solve customer problems, understand business objectives and sell both existing and new products and services.






  • Right Approach for Device Fragmentation & Various OS Platforms.
  • Understand the differences between platforms so that the app can be tested efficiently and accurately.
  • The fast release cycles of mobile applications made it difficult for QA teams to ensure high quality standards for the apps.


Enabling enterprise mobility with the core idea of most important interactions for organizations: employee empowerment and customer engagement.




  • Applying our customer experience methodology whereby by having customer centrality as approach to develop the test strategy.
  • Developed test matrix that contain permutations of device, mobile OS level, network carrier, locale, and device-orientation combinations to ensure responsibility, usability in parallel with functionality requirements.
  • Defined and automated a set of priority regression tests to 20 + releases, and made sure the tests are performed in a variety of conditions —on the most popular platforms.
  • Report and graph validations based on app content usage and user specific analytics.




A comprehensive testing approach that captures all essentials of testing and also maintain the right delivery schedule.

  • Testing on extra devices in addition to devices agreed with customer helped in ensuring more stable function of the product and catering to the extensive needs of mobile users.
  • Accelerated QA process helped our development partner as well as customers to take fast and confident decisions regarding release cycle and market launch.
  • Automation achieved for more than 60% of the entire enterprise app.
  • Overcoming the language barrier between customer and development teams and provide a smooth delivery of test results and reports.
  • Dedicated mobile application testing center with onshore and offshore teams.