Telco OSS Migration and Testing



With the  merger of two regional German telecom companies to the parent Global Telecom and Cable Company. The vision for future OSS platform was to accelerate the growth of broadband services whilst retaining the existing workflows and services and protecting themselves from competition and agile market dynamics.




  • Right Approach that allows for incremental benefits and is low risk for the Migration and consolidation to absorb and integrate the existing functionality into the target architecture.
  • Define Test Strategy aligned with the migration and incremental deployment plan and ensuring high quality standards for each iteration and milestone.
  • Decoupled parallel release cycles of some components made it difficult for QA teams to ensure high quality standards for when these were integrated.


Enabling enterprise OSS migration and consolidation for the Next Generation Networks to stay ahead of the rapid pace of change in the cable industry and solidify technology foundation to support current and future needs.




  • Formed an independent team based on domain, interest, experience and skills.
  • Pairing user acceptance testing (UAT) with process-streamlining Agile development.
  • Careful selection of automation strategy for effective test to enable continuous deployment.
  • Entire test suite was divided into a number of smaller test suites that can be executed in parallel. This made debugging issues much easier.
  • Test Orchestration on per-integrate solution, allowing for modular QA and upgrades thus reducing integration costs.
  • An end to end view of services on network and their customer relationships across geographies was essential and integral component for test strategy both for migration and deployment.
  • Test Case repository of 500+ test cases was developed based on the combinations of services, structured workflows and accurate reference information along with assessment of impact planned.
  • Test data management and test data generators to mimic the live was critical to the success of each test cycle execution.
  • Though technical in nature these benefits combine & complement with the wider business benefits to meet the demand of broadband services using existing legacy infrastructure, prepare for NGN technologies and defend market share against competition.




  • Migration of ~ 8 million subscriber broadband and fixed line telephony OSS migration in a highly complex and demanding environment.
  • Integration testing for OSS stack and network components. The multicomponent and technology solution consists of about 11 different key applications, in conjunction with   software that acts as a bridge between an database and applications along with 8 different   network components.
  • Solving of provisioning errors for approximately 12,000 + customers and around 1000 + business customers. Tasks involving OSS intervention and error recoveries.
  • Successful UAT resulting in client requests for test team for pre production, operational readiness and post production tests.
  • Consolidation and retirement of legacy inventory systems over a time frame of two years.
  • Efficient map between requirements of new commercial products and capabilities of deployed technologies and devices.
  • Improved operational efficiency by testing per-integration of the solution components.
  • Accelerated QA process helped development teams and customers to take fast and confident decisions regarding release cycle and launch.
  • Careful Automation for 40% of the end to end test cycles.
  • Overcoming the language barrier between customer and development teams and provide a smooth delivery of test results and reports.
  • Dedicated testing center with onshore and offshore teams.