Internet Trading Platform for Auction and Exchange Mechanisms.



The online exchange portal, operating in many marketplaces and geographies was with a vision of providing several options like Auctions, fixed price offers, reverse auction functionality. The B2B marketplace offers restricted access to commercial buyers and sellers.




  • Fast paced project development using agile methodology with a view on time to market that required additional rigor to bring in reliability and accuracy in transactions. The project also needed to establish a cost-effective and scalable platform on which follow-on product releases could be distributed simultaneously coupled with the UI Design.
  • Coupling of main portal with auctioning feature, advanced search feature, data migration along with platform performance and optimized loading of web pages were the key challenges faced during the project.


Re-definition of regression test suite to ensure comprehensive test coverage, reliability and go to market.




  • The test methodology was defined with observing the business model and thus analyzing its requisites and developing test cases that were in sync with business goals and improved ROI.
  • Traceability matrix to ensure test coverage.
  • Functional Validations for modules and sub-modules.
  • Complete test execution across various release iterations whether customizations and configurations.
  • Testing for business rules, interface interactions and integrations for each release.
  • Validations on various data migration file formats and report analytics validations.
  • Effective communication for managing change and testing by ensuring sending important information to collaborators in near real-time.
  • Flexible and adaptable test automation framework developed to enable test automation.




A comprehensive testing approach that captures all testing process aspects whereby also focussing on the right delivery schedule.

  • Hybrid test automation methodology for the QA process that is streamlined and flexible enough to be able to manage the change and accommodate the process of continuous change when applicable.
  • Automation achieved about 45% of the entire application testing that allowed for balanced effort.
  • Cross browser testing and usability testing on different form factors helped in ensuring more stable function and optimized performance and enhanced user experience.
  • Extensive collaboration between customer and development teams and provide a smooth delivery of test results and reports.