Make an Impact – First impressions are usually the last

‘First impressions, they say, are the last.’ This holds true even for testing which helps undo any mistakes that might have been made in an otherwise perfect software. Testing is slowly manifesting itself as a business issue. The reason is that a product launch needs both time and money and so its success or failure in the market is closely linked with that of the business. Moreover, these days all companies are so dependent on IT that it is impossible to separate the two.

In 2013, the Obama administration came up with a health care plan named Obamacare. When it was launched in the form of a website, the users were confronted with many errors. While some blamed heavy traffic on the site others felt that coding was faulty. Whatever the cause, it could have been solved by adequate testing. People were looking forward to this landmark act and it did leave the administration red-faced and the president had to apologize to the people.

Testing is being recognized as being integral in any organization today and this is what excites us at Testnerds.


Testing has always been an integral part of the software development lifecycle. It was just christened differently every time. Quality Assurance (QA), the earliest version, refers to a set of actions that have to be implemented for the process. The focus here is on preventing defects and it requires all the team members to be involved. The other kind is Quality Check (QC). Usually performed by a team, QC identifies problems with the finished product to ensure that what goes in the market matches with customer requirements perfectly.

Testing, as we know it today, is going through transformation. In the times to come, there would be a need for close collaboration between the testers and the developers resulting in emergence of Quality engineers and the concept of Quality Engineering (QE).

Businesses are slowly growing out of the web platform and finding a newer stronghold on only mobile platforms. As more and more physical devices are being replaced by virtual ones, it is a matter of time when the black box testing will become redundant only to be replaced by the more relevant white box testing.

Our point of view

To grow and be able to generate revenue, businesses want to release their updated products as quickly as they can. They realize how delays can cause revenues to dip so they do not want to wait for even a 3-4 months. Right now, the developers are disconnected from the business needs. It is essential for the developers to align themselves with the business needs.

Businesses find IT terminologies and systems complex and with new things getting added all the time, it is even more difficult to keep a track. For instance, companies were just getting used to websites when the mobile platform arrived with its applications. Multiple environments add to testing complexities. Companies want testing teams to test every product and meet their needs. Whether it is done manually or through automated testing tools does not concern them.

For a business it is important to understand the trade-off between risk, effort, resources, and automations. Some of these answers are found with testing. The first generation of manual testing with efficiency tools lead to script based testing and thereafter up to 20-50% automation. What is needed today is a holistic automation test strategy with managing test automation, test data management etc.

Our focus is on testing and helping customers deliver better business outcomes and accelerate innovation in your line of business. Automation might be the answer but it’s expensive. There are no further cheaper geographies to get efficient testing anymore. So getting automation done over time takes time and is investment.

Future of testing

Testing has to be made an integral part of our thought process. At Testnerds, we are passionate about testing and that is what we are focused on round the clock. Businesses welcome short test cycles that allow them to introduce the next product within no time, for this the entire process of testing has to be dealt with in a different manner and that is what Testnerds do – bring forth the next generation services and framework.