Auto – Insurance Product Testing



A leading market leader for auto-insurance industry.

The customer has many products that have adopted agile journey for development and deployment. Some of these products are legacy, solution is very complex with large number of modules and sub-modules and integrations. Hence, the quality promise to their customer does not always gets delivered.




  • Monthly product releases leading to aggressive timelines and Quality concerns.
  • Inadequate test coverage across releases leading to high defect leakages and additional costs of fixing a defect at later stages.
  • Insufficient effort on Test Automation resulting in longer testing life cycles.


Improving Test Coverage and Test efficiency in an Product development & deployment environment by implementing on-demand proficient Agile Testing.




  • Continuous Integration and Automation implemented with focus on:
    • Business driven test scenarios for testing.
    • Incorporation of Risk based testing techniques and metrics dashboards.
    • Component based Regression and Sanity suite with full and light version.
  • Multidimensional requirements traceability matrix that covers for business requirements, interfaces, releases and core technical validations.
  • Metrics and dashboards provided an effective monitoring on test execution status and productivity details.




  • High Test Coverage due to Continuous Test and Automation principles.
  • Ensure compliance of application with respect to business requirements.
  • Business logic’s and functionalities validations and risk assessments.
  • Enablement %age certification of system that meets business requirements before it goes to the field.
  • Optimized staffing due to Automation leading to cost reduction.
  • Improved Governance by metrics and dashboards to support decision process and ensuring all stakeholders receive needed information & progress on time.
  • Early defect identification eliminated the costs and efforts associated with rework.