Agile Testing of Survey Solution on Cloud



A leading market leader for enterprise feedback management software.

The legacy solution is very complex with large number of modules and sub-modules and integrations. Hence, the quality promise to their customer does not always gets delivered.

The client-server application is also delivered as SaaS solution.




  • Fast paced project with tight deadlines that required additional rigor due to customer requirements and process compliance.
  • Manual testing was exposed to frequent releases, changes in environment during execution along with frequent changes in specification during testing life cycle.


Ensuring Test coverage with improved quality and customer satisfaction.




  • Understand the requirements and provide a Test Strategy for the 360 degree feedback surveys taken by 25,000 customers.
  • Complete analysis of existing testing documentation and 100% functional understanding of application and it‘s components.
  • E2E participation and complete UAT manually including customizations and configurations across various iterations.
  • Testing of modules and sub-modules for functional validations including business rules and interfaces and integrations for each sprint release.
  • Validations on file formats and report validations.
  • Defect management and defect analysis on the customizations and impacted reports.
  • Validation if paper surveys has been factored into the online survey results.




  • Deliver a standard regression test bank for standard Ready to Run solutions and Customized solutions with qualitative and quantitative approach.
  • Test Concept that highlights the existing approach, current gaps in testing process, impacts and consultancy on improvements needed and minimum quality essentials needed.
  • Review list for Production Defect Analysis % / release/ customer which can be used for ongoing and new projects.
  • Testing model developed and deployed to reduce cycle time and improve efficiency.
  • Well defined metrics model for continuous improvements.
  • Reduced time to market by 20%.
  • Improved quality of product by reducing number of defects reported from customer. Thus, DRE (Defect Removal Efficiency) of product was improved.