About Us

Testnerds story started one early winter afternoon in 2015 at e-navik GmbH HQ in Cologne, Germany. All these years, we had been listening to customers’ voice and their struggles when it came to software testing. Challenges of hiring freelancers and then keeping them busy. Letting the development company do the biased testing and then paying for the CR’s for fixing which was not your fault or hiring someone to do end-to-end testing in an evolving scope situation leading to higher costs & steep procurement overheads or the even new age crowd testing potentially compromising confidentiality. Test process transparency- what’s that? After all testing demand is not consistent across the cycle.Sounds like your problem?

Our reaction was what the heck is going on here? This is not our notion of “customer experience”. At the risk of sounding clichéd, we wanted to disrupt this whole setup. We asked ourselves, do we have a recipe? The answer was a clear “No”. And that’s where the quest began.


Device Diversity

Aha: there is a device cloud. Human sense, yes of course we’re a team of fully professional testers and developers at heart. After all “people” use technology - Human sense is critical.

Customer Experience

Yes our own platform “CimpliflEX”. Deploy it on the cloud. After all transparency of the test process is customers’ right and not optional.


Domain Expertise, Skills and Experience

Yes, with 10 years of diverse testing behind us.

Testing Tools, Management Tools, Automation, Retained Knowledge, Accelerators

Yes, Yes, Yes!


Confidentiality Guarantee

Yes, customers are dealing with a company with in house resources.

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We Made A Promise

It’s all about you. Really! We made a promise that we will make sure that your software doesn't come between you and your success and your customers get a bug-free experience. You get your agile, structured and fully managed test team & infrastructure. Of course on demand!

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We Have A Mission

We embarked on a mission to create “Testnerds Cloud” which brings you ease of procurement, infrastructure, transparent collaboration, tools, skills, human sense and your success all together because “you love quality software just as we do”. Did we mention price? We’ll make sure it doesn’t come in the way of your success. We’ll “engineer” our mission creatively.

Testnerds is a software quality initiative from e-navik GmbH. From its launch e-navik does SQA in Testnerds method only. Our core spotlights are collaborative development, functional & performance testing and monitoring across API’s, mobile, web & desktop by ensuring quality throughout every step of life cycle, from the first line of code, to live-in production & every test in between.


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